Heroes© is a unique, game-based approach to developing social skills. Modeled after fantasy tabletop role-playing games, Heroes is designed to foster communication and collaboration at all age levels.

Through role play, each child in our Heroes program becomes a superhero with special skills and abilities, equipping them with the inner strength and confidence to conquer new situations. Players must work together, as each player has a unique skill that is essential to the team and to the winning of each stage of the game.

The goal is to defeat the big, bad, boss monster, played by a licensed behavioral therapist. The therapist guides the group to success by helping each child through scenarios that require collaboration, teamwork, and strategy.



Heroes classes are appropriate for all ages, including late teens and twenties. Classes are organized by age.


Heroes classes are on Saturdays at 8:45am, 10:30am (for older kids and teens), and 1:00pm. Don't see a class that fits your schedule? Contact us to inquire.


Our classes are $30 per 1 hour class.

Heroes© Training

We offer an eight session training program to prepare players for ongoing Heroes classes.
Each class is one hour.

  • Week One focuses on initiating conversation and describing your Heroes character to the team.
  • Week Two involves team players learning about each other.
  • Week Three is conflict resolution. “We have a problem players, how are we going to fix it?”
  • Week Four works on focus and attending by providing a discrete clue to players. Not attending means you can lose the battle.
  • Week Five is a switch up week where players switch characters and take another’s point of view.
  • Week Six emphasizes team-work. You can’t win the mission alone.
  • Week Seven focuses on the option of “Help a Friend,” an ability all players have that increases their stats and helps to win the level.
  • Week Eight teaches the power of transformation for each Hero and the evolution of their character.

Heroes© Helps Players...

  • Connect with their inner hero, including awareness of others and self-sacrifice.
  • Understand the concept of team-work, and practice in a live setting.
  • Be powerful in the game. This can transition to understanding their power in real life. Our hope is that it brings out the very best in each and every player.
  • Development skills ranging from basic social experiences to more subtle and nuanced social interaction, depending on the level of the player.
  • Be included and accepted.

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