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Welcome Brave Heroes! Here you will find all the information you need to help you on your quest. Just remember, so long as you believe in yourself and trust in your friends, there is no enemy you cannot overcome.

The Quest for the Five Crystals of Heroism:
Back in Ancient Times when Heroism was upheld, Magic permeated the land and wondrous creatures inhabited the world, there existed a Righteous Kingdom called Amaranthine. This Kingdom was ruled by a Just King and a Fair Queen, who upheld the peace of the entire world, such a vast amount of land was included within their Kingdom. They had loyal, powerful and noble vassals that served under them, vanquishing evil should it happen to rear its ugly head, without fail. The Kingdom of Amaranthine rose to power due to the blessings of the Five Crystals of Heroism. These blessed gems bestowed an unimaginably powerful force onto Heroes deemed worthy enough to wield them. With the help of five noble Heroes, the King and Queen were able to unite all the lands into a peaceful and prosperous nation. After this mission was accomplished the 5 Heroes vanished into the surrounding countries, vowing to answer the call should the King or Queen ever require their skills once again. However, no peace can truly last forever, for every light casts a shadow and the light of the Kingdom of Amaranthine shone brighter than any that had come before it. At the height of the Kingdom’s progress, with world peace well and truly obtained, a great earthquake shook the planet. A Void was opened at The End of the World and from the Darkness of the Void rose the Evil Lord....

To find out the rest of the story, read The Quest for the Five Crystals of Heroism!

Heroes! Written above was the first part of the adventure, but more awaits, Read on to find out the Second Heroic Quest that the Heroes undertook to save the very world once again from Evil!

The Quest to Defeat the Evil Overlord:
The World continued to turn and thousands of years into the future dawn was breaking over a new land. The year is 30XX and the world has turned from swords and sorcery to science and skill, although the people of the world are unaware that the latter would still hold sway in the coming days. Technology had advanced far beyond what we possess today; cities were expansive and productive, vehicles were capable of super speeds, flight and required little energy to function. Nations had developed enough to grow beyond warring with one another, become peaceful nations focused on the advancement of mankind. As the sun rose over the Arizona desert a black shadow appeared somewhere in its vast reaches, the shadow was deeper than any imaginable. When it finally began to recede, 5 figures were left behind. Groggily they began to awake and as they regained consciousness, they saw a figure standing over them. The figure addressed the Heroes, “It sure has been a while Heroes, but we’re glad you’ve come. My name is Special Agent 013 and I am a member of S.N.A.P.S.-H.D.F. which stands for Shining Neo Avatar Program – Hero Defense Force. To make matters short, the World is once again in danger and needs your help....

To finish the story, read The Quest to Defeat the Evil Overlord.

The Quest Thus Far:

After successfully completing the training mission assigned to the S.N.A.P.S. - H.D.F., the squad was sent to explore a ruined mansion. The mansion was in great disrepair, but the reports that noted signs of alien activity were correct. The squad met light resistance from the enemy, but was able to overcome them in the end. Shortly thereafter the squad received another mission. This time, the alien signature was reported to be coming from a Ruined Castle. The operatives were tasked to shut down the alien operation on the premise. Read more here.

Starting Heroes: Our current Heroes and Friends on the Quest to Destroy the Evil Overlord: The Tank, The Medic, The Cyborg, Special Agent 013, The Ranger, The Mechanic and The Pilot.

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