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As a parent, you may be asking yourself, “What does my child really need to thrive and grow?”

If your child has tried other social skills groups with little or no success, it could be because your child isn’t really engaged with the program. That’s why we started Heroes.

We offer a game-based program that kids already enjoy, so that the social skills learning happens naturally and unobtrusively in the course of game play. When a child is engaged in this way, they are more willing and able to learn.

Our ultimate goal is that the skills your child learns here will translate out into the real world. That’s why we place a focus on developing:

  • Flexibility
  • Strategy
  • Social & Coping Skills
  • Cooperation
  • Self-Confidence
  • Planning & Organization

We currently receive referrals from school districts, psychiatrists and mental health professionals. We are happy to accept high functioning children on the autism spectrum, children with mental health diagnosis with social and behavioral issues as well as children with physical diagnosis who have social delays.

Our Heroes© Program

Heroes© is a unique, game-based approach to developing social skills, modeled after fantasy tabletop role-playing games.

Numerous scientific studies indicate that role-play gaming can benefit many, if not most, children of all types.

Why do games like our Heroes program have a positive effect on socialization skills? Because role-playing games:

  • Are inherently social
  • Require cooperation and improvisation
  • Provide structure
  • Are language-centric
  • Promote communication
  • Build teams and communities

Our players have adventures as they seek to overcome enemies, solve puzzles, and achieve both group and individual objectives.

Character sheets, game rules, and epic quests provide the necessary scaffolding for successful, enthusiastic social interactions

Each player gets to be someone else—someone who is powerful, has identifiable skills, and most importantly, isn’t their ordinary, common self. And like any successful team, the players bring their skill sets together to overcome the enemy. No one wins alone.

We do this in a space where the characteristics associated with social skills challenges are common ground for a sense of belonging, rather than a source of estrangement or isolation.

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