Pokèmon© Our Way (Currently unavailable)


Pokémon Our Way is a Pokémon card training class. Your child will learn how to be a good winner and accepting loser, while playing this very complex game.

Our therapist and associate know the game and are passionate about it. They support the players in following the rules and developing strategies for game play.

Critical thinking, analytical thinking, math challenges and screen free time are just some of the benefits players receive while pursuing something they enjoy immensely.

Your child will:

  • Learn the rules of the game and the strategies involved.
  • Practice playing the game with a group of peers
  • Discover effective ways to build decks with all of the cards they have collected.

Through battling, a Pokémon trainer rises to become a Pokémon Master, learning skills like patience, kindness, good sportsmanship and developing a good attitude towards playing with others, win or lose!



Pokémon classes are appropriate for all ages. Classes are limited to six players.


Pokémon classes are one hour on Saturdays from 12:00–1:00. Don't see a class that fits your schedule? Contact us to inquire.


Our classes are $30 per class.

Pokémon Our Way Helps Players...

  • Learn skills like patience, kindness, and good sportsmanship
  • Practice critical thinking, analytical thinking, and math challenges
  • Become a good winner and accepting loser
  • Implement game play strategies in a group of peers

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Email: gsrowanlmft@gmail.com